Trade shows 2017:
TrendSet winter 2017
4.01.2017 - 6.01.2017
Hall: C 1.0 / D-10
Nordstil winter 2017
14.01.2017 - 16.01.2017
Hall: B 2.0 / B-06
ChristmasWorld 2017
27.01.2017 - 31.01.2017
Hall: 8.0 / C-25
Ambiente 2017
10.02.2017 - 14.02.2017
Hall: 8.0 / M-64
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How to use:

Scented Cubes ABC

     Scented Cubes offers a range of aromas that are easy to use and can be mixed with one another to create personalized scents. Please remember to air a room before lightning a burner.
     A person entering an aromatized room instantly feels the scent, but after several minutes should not be able to recognize it anymore. The scent should be soft and gentle.

     • The perfect height of a burner should be between 11 and 13 cm. Such a height ensures correct burning temperature, thus providing a full-fledge aromatization.

     • No water is needed when using Scented cubes. Simply place the cubes in the deepening the burner and lit tea candle beneath it. Upon melting cubes start giving an aroma.

     • Recommended amount of Scented Cubes are at least 4 cubes for a 18 sq. m. room. Scented cubes can be reused as long as they give aroma. If the desired scent is not strong enough, just add a couple of new cubes or clean the burner and start anew.

     • To start new, please wait until the wax hardens and by pulling gently on the edge, remove it from the burner. If the wax is still giving aroma, it can be reused later on.