Trade shows 2017:
TrendSet winter 2017
4.01.2017 - 6.01.2017
Hall: C 1.0 / D-10
Nordstil winter 2017
14.01.2017 - 16.01.2017
Hall: B 2.0 / B-06
ChristmasWorld 2017
27.01.2017 - 31.01.2017
Hall: 8.0 / C-25
Ambiente 2017
10.02.2017 - 14.02.2017
Hall: 8.0 / M-64
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Scented Cubes – is a new brand, belonging to Ostuweb OÜ - the owner of Reval Candle trademark.


Aromatherapy is becoming more and more popular with every day. The idea of Scented Cubes was born when we wanted to create something completely new, something cardinally different from what was already available on the European market.



What are Scented Cubes?

They are small aroma cubes made from natural and ecologically clean palm wax with an addition of aroma oils. They are easy to use and allow one to combine cubes with one another and thus create individual aromas. This product is perfect example of all essential values Ostuweb OÜ represents today – high quality, presentable form, practicality in use and a reasonable price.



The advantages of our product are:


     1. Size - small cubes with a diameter of 15 mm don't only look stylish, but were also made for convenient and practical use. Cubes can be easily mixed with each other in order to create more scents. Such size also allows the consumer to regulate the intensity of a scent.

     2. Package - small carton boxes are used to store Scented Cubes. That allows the customer to reuse boxes and store cubes in a safe and dry place.

     3. Variety of scents - we offer about 59 different scents, a range that won`t leave anyone indifferent. The collection we offer starts with basic scents, such as vanilla, lavender or rose.

 For more sophisticated consumer or seasonal sale we also offer scents like apple pie, spring freshness, there is even a Christmas scent!


     4. Eco-product - Scented Cubes are 96% palm wax. Which is a 100% natural and renewable material. Our carton boxes are made of recycled paper.

     5. Price is our last, but definitely not least of advantages. Scented Cubes is an easily affordable ecologically friendly product.